Friday, August 2, 2013

Rolkolsen Home Theater R-70

Rolkolsens speakers have been reported in 'White Van Scams' - this is where you're in a parking lot and you get approached by some guys saying that they were delivering high priced stereo equipment and they have a couple extras that they'll sell you at a low low price.  This was donated to Value Village. I think they'd reduced it to $ 150.00. In the Metronews article linked below, the actual value of another Rolkolsen system was pegged at "$20 to $30" by the owner of a professional audio equipment store.
 Printing quality is OK, but note there is no French on the packaging, required by Canadian law.
 Note the Alfa-Romeo logo with Audio Master written on it
 MSRP $ 3129.00 ? When do you see a MSRP on high priced electronics?
The glue splotches on the speaker cones do not inspire confidence!


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  1. Value village must sold me on of these on Friday this past week