Saturday, September 3, 1983

Greg Welstead


My friend, Greg Welstead, (centre, green shirt) on his first day at the University of Guelph, September 1983. I wanted to send him it when I scanned this but I found he died in 2012 in an auto accident in BC. I've got another better one taken at the same time, but haven't been able to find it. He lived across from me at 101 Neeve, second floor, in a 19th century limestone house. Made lots of things by hand, like a bunk bed and a wine rack our friend had roped him into making for a restaurant. He was always showing me his latest tool. He went back to school as a mature student and studied hard, like he always did. He'd been a 'Big Brother' to a local youth, and when he found he was going to be a father he started reading books on parenting. He told me to buy the Olympus Trip 35 I used here - it had a light leak. When I was in Akwesasne during the Oka Crisis in 1990 I saw a Quebec provincial police officer still wearing a Trip 35 at a checkpoint on the fairly imaginary US-Canada border that runs through the reserve at St. Regis, one of four officers, one other Quebec officer and two Mounties who would stand at the four corners of the car and look in. I don't know if the guy with the Trip 35 was using it for work or for souvenirs.