Monday, March 24, 2014

Sami Family Bringing Reindeer Antlers into Hammerfest, Norway, 1982

I was travelling on the Hurtigrute, the coastal  mail boat - Hammerfest is the northernmost city in the world. The Sami raise reindeer.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Downer Pig

Downer Pig, 1992 - this was at Farm Sanctuary, in Watkins Glen, in the Finger Lakes district of New York that had rescued farm animals that were 'downers', animals that couldn't walk.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Puck Building, 1991, New York City

Puck and Spy magazines were published here! 

Fire on Akwesasne

Fires are regularly set in the marshy areas of Akwesasne in the Spring

Curling Eyelashes on a train, Narita, Japan, 1998

Girls on their way to high school, Narita, Japan - the train companies discourage people from doing their make up on the train, but I don't see the harm. Helped them with their English homework!

Falling Down Fishery

Somewhere on the Pacific

Patch does ikebana

Last Police Horse in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 1982 - She said he was the last police horse in Copenhagen - he was retired now but still liked to ride in the city. (Police horses were brought back in the 90s but are gone again, I am told!) - update 2023 - Mona (the horse), between Christiansborg (in the back) and Gl. Strand (Old Beach). The program was revived in 1998, canceled in 2012 but re-revived in 2018. There are currently 10-12 horses in Copenhagen. hat tip Claus Larsen

Judy on River

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hawk, Bluejay

I think it's a red tailed hawk - It was sitting in the road in front of me - it flew away but only a few feet - either injured or hungry - left some cat food for it. 

Blue jay!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sex Beer!

Sex Beer!

3615 Pecheur, Made in France starting in the late 80s and imported into the US in the 90s. The 3615 refers to the first part of the number that sex chat and other sites would use on the French Minitel system that was a text based service that was like a BBS - the marketing was that you could use Minitel to order the beer - in the late 80s this was a big novelty. The sex joke continues with writing out the name all in capitals, "PECHEUR", which could either be read as "fisher", a translation of Fischer, or "sinner" depending on the accent marks used when it's written in small letters. According to this Belgian article from 1989,
, Fischer set out to develop an aphrodisiac beer after their technical director visited Africa and the locals wondered whether the Vitamin C and aspirin would put lead in his pencil, which lead him to conduct an intense search for joy juice ingredients - in addition to the myrrh, ginseng and mango mentioned in this LA Times column
, the article mentions the other usual suspects cardamon, gingko biloba, kola and also myrtle. I wonder whether the 'myrrh', a fairly expensive spice, isn't a mistranslation of myrtle, which was a component of the gruit that was used in beers before hops supplanted it. Minitel fell into decline with the rise of the Internet and was shut down in 2012 - 3615 Pêcheur seemed to be gone around 2000. I had one bottle in New York in 1991. Sort of like a Kronenbourg lager that someone had soaked a kitchen spice rack in