Sunday, April 21, 1996

Tornado aftermath, April 21, 1996, Arthur, Ontario

Tornadoes struck through southern Ontario on April 20, 1996. I saw coal black clouds forming as I drove back from London. The next day I went to Arthur - many people were out helping their neighbours - fortunately nobody was killed or seriously injured.


Damage was really concentrated - some places were destroyed and the homes next door were barely touched. In lots of places, I saw the walls and roofs had been torn off of houses, but chairs, vases and even this bag of chips were left standing upright in place.
Lee Swallow is reunited with her cat, Katie. Swallow believed the cat died in the tornado, but Kim Joyce, her neighbour, found the cat hiding in the basement.

I think this is Stan Joyce showing me the house

Everybody pitched in to help the morning after
Farmers are taking grain from a wrecked silo to store in their own silos.

House too damaged to repair is intentionally set on fire
Funny postbox for a badly damaged farm
MPPs Bob Runciman, Solicitor-General of Ontario, and Ted Arnott tour devastated area, April 22