Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Leacock Museum, Orillia

side facing land with sundial

Leacock's typewriter on desk in solarium
View towards lake

lake side

heron by boat house

decorated chairs part of art competition

Concrete with Leacock's Latin: Years are long, hours short

The house was built in an English style - the plaster on the outside does not stand up to Canadian winters and with the solarium and the dark floors and paneling it's REALLY hot inside in Canadian summers!

Fire extinguisher - the museum doesn't know what's in it - you were supposed to throw this glass bulb at a fire and it would put it out. (update - it's carbon tetrachloride!!)

Leacock was a small man!

Kinetic Sculpture by Rodney Frost on exhibit 

Furniture by Bernice Vasey, at Double Door Studios and Gallery , 4004 Horseshoe Valley Road West, Springwater, ON L0L 1Y0 (till August 4, 2013)