Friday, February 15, 1985

So long ago

 The bad guys often win. Today was the day I drove up to see my girlfriend and found she had moved in with a man 20 years older than her who had been stalking her at her school and who she said had raped her. She'd asked me for help to get the guy to leave her alone (I didn't learn about the rape until later). She knew I would be there, confirmed the day and hour on the phone, but didn't tell me not to come. Later on, and I shouldn't have had anything to do with her after that but I did, she told me she'd had a fight with her mom and left the house and said she couldn't go anywhere else, although she knew I'd stayed in a motel that was only $15 a day, she had friends in town and she could have even slept at her school. He did well out of it, two kids and a job for life that being with her got him, even though he still beat her until she left him a few years later.