Thursday, September 1, 1994

Rave 1993 or 1994

Just guessing on the date from the film packages - it was sometime in the early 90s. Raves were organized in pre-internet days over the phone - there was a poster with a number you called that had a recording which gave the location. In this case somewhere in the countryside north of Toronto in some kind of club that probably was on a golf course. When you got out of the club, your car's windshield was filled with flyers, usually printed on heavy glossy stock, for more raves. I was sitting in my car when a knock came and I think it was one of the bouncers with some girls who needed a ride. Very thoughtful of him as they were in the middle of nowhere. Frequent parodies of trademarks on T-shirts and posters, uses of light sticks. No one seemed that stoned and I think a lot were just there to dance undrugged.

The blue wigged girl wanted to be in a lot of my shots and danced for me. You were very cute - thanks!