Tuesday, January 1, 2002

2002 Diary

copyright 2001 Mark Bellis

2002 - JAN 1 - Walking on the trail found two mice, cuddled up together and frozen in the snow... I could see no reason for their death..... the next day a black wolf spider was walking across the snow... I could see no reason why it was alive or at least why it was active when the temperature was below zero...
Jan 13 - If Bush had choked to death on junk food while watching Football on TV...... boy everybody would be muslim.... pretzel u akbar!....
Jan 28 - walking through the graveyard I found two dollars and forty cents.
February 2, 2002 - wooooooh hoooh! It's 02/02/2002 ... and American style it's 02/02/2002!!
March 10 - Biker killed in shoot out with police on 401
April 13 - I read of a monk from Quebec being killed in Madagascar - I remember sitting by a monk on a bus who sounded like he was the same person, had been in Madagascar for 50 years.....
April 14 - I saw a golden Eagle or maybe an immature bald Eagle. Sinister bird, hooked beak searching for flesh, perched on a house wings spread to dry in iconic fashion. Last month I think I saw a pileated woodpecker.
June 22- Yow!, found out Lubby died in a firey stolen car crash while speeding home from a coke buy. He and his friend had decided they wanted to become blood brothers and slashed open their hands, and then went on a drug spree. That's so much like him!
I saw Loreena McKennit on the street and I didn't recognize her with her glasses on... I just thought it was some eccentric Englishwoman who was going for a jog.

July - One morning the light was like it was shining through thick glass - the sun was a copper disk. There were huge fires near James Bay.

I was told by an Indian that they used to light fires to clear the woods - Susannah Moodie said it was just to make it easier for hunting, but I think it might have been their way of preventing a catastrophic forest fire by burning out the undergrowth.

August 16 - Elvis' name in Chinese is "Mao Wang". Literally, Cat King.

Wall of Death

October 26 - Priest protests... guys from Montreal, they looked liked they'd spent most of their lives drinking pretty hard, outside of where the bishops were meeting. They'd been abuse by priests and nuns at schools or were Duplessis orphans, i.e. single mothers children were taken away from them up till the 1960s. Now I have some idea why some guys are rubbies...they'd wanted to get through the police lines... tried to talk to the cops. Cops wouldn't answer back, they said "C'est la loi de la silence! Omerta Omerta!