Friday, July 1, 1983

Pennsic War XII - 1983

Hand lettered sign - I rescued it from the dumpster after war was over. The 'streets' that were formed by the camps got their own names. Still keep it on the wall in my room as a souvenir!

These are some photos I took in 1983 at the Society For Creative Anachronism's Pennsic War, at Coopers Lake Campground near Butler, Pennsylvania. I don't know the names of most of the people in the photos - I was just tagging along. Done with an Olympus Trip 35 that had a light leak, sorry!

The late Sheldon Lofthouse
Lofthouse was later charged with gross indecency in a washroom sex case that went to the Supreme Court of Canada. I didn't know he was gay at the time - he was sharing his tent with a woman, but later I would see him in the showers at the University of Guelph even though he wasn't doing any sports activities there. At first he said the shower at his place was broken, but later after he'd moved and was still in the showers he said he just wanted to feel clean.