Monday, November 24, 2003

Odd Objects I've found

from my old website 

As seen in Frank

Section of Cover of Canadian TV Guide, Oct 6-12, 2001 - with my modifications

Peter Mansbridge is the chief anchor for the CBC, Canada's state owned TV network. He wrote this article in the TV Guide - second paragraph says he began a "16 hour run without a break" after the planes hit. Only in the second last paragraph did he talk about "awful human dimension", but only in terms of how he had to "make a conscious decision to push it away". Nowhere does he talk about anyone dying......

Lucky Smoke Bubble Gum Cigarettes 50s

Hey Kids! Want to have a hacking cough just like Dad?

Lady Cadogan's Book of Solitaire cover, art deco

This is a paperback from the twenties - Games were called things like "General Sedgewick", "The Besieged City" and "Napoleon at St. Helena"


Wag 6 coverJoe Olmann

Is self published by Joe Ollmann, seen here with poet Julie Crysler.

who prints and binds palm size and in one case, finger size, chapbooks. He doesn't have a website, at least not the last time I checked. He's in !*@# ( better known as Exclaim! ) as a cartoonist. His address (he sells the books for 2 or 4 dollars at zinefests) is 1900 Main Street W. #104, Hamilton, ON, L8S 4R8, Canada. And you get a free piece of (thumb size) original art in each book!

Picture of girl carrying fruit on head

Ontario Solicitor General David Tsubouchi

Hmmmm, that Japanese guy in the shades playing a Chinese gangster in a 1982 SCTV episode with Robin Williams looks oddly familiar... could it be David Tsubouchi, in 2002 Ontario's Solicitor General???

Chocolate Stamps!!!!

Swiss Chocolate Stamps

Brenda the TV psychic!!
CJOH-TV is the local Ottawa CTV station. Even though it has the biggest market share the noon-time news format is a real embarrassment - they segue from news to fluff rather akwardly. "200 killed in plane crash - and Janet's in our kitchen telling you how to lose those holiday pounds!"
Every once in a while they have a "psychic" named Brenda in to read tarot cards on the air - she doesn't seem able to pick up on anything at all and gives out the usual fortune cookie advice - 'Trust your inner self blah blah blah'.
I've been in the studio where they do the News at CJOH. They have big red lights on the front of the cameras to tell people which lens to look into. Brenda the Psychic is the only person I've ever seen who keeps on talking into the wrong camera pretty much without fail......
Brenda waving hello
Brenda..... Brenda.....BRENDA!!! We're over here!!

CJOH-TV, January 2, 2002

And she can afford Chanel........