Sunday, June 1, 2014

Icelandic ponies, Iceland, 1992

Lighting a cigarette, Aðalstraeti, Reykjavik

Smoker, Aðalstraeti, Reykjavik, Iceland, October 1992 - Aðalstraeti was packed on weekends, people drinking homemade booze from pop bottles and older and richer people drunk club hoping.

Moon over Bank Street, Reykjavik

Moonrise, Reykjavik, October, 1992

Althing, Reykjavik, 1992

This little building is the Icelandic Parliament. A man stopped and asked me what I was photographing. (Objectiv, I think, in Icelandic). I said I liked the way it was divided into three parts, the water, wall and skyline, and the way the green dome was contrasted by the red hair of the woman reading. Iceland is so small that by describing the man to someone else, I learned he was a University professor.