Thursday, July 15, 1982

Road to Soren Kierkegaard's grave


Assistens Cemetery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1982

Farum, Denmark 1982

I spent some time in Farum, Denmark, in the summer of 1982. Volunteer work with youth, but something had gone wrong with the planning and we really didn't have that much to do. This is just us at a lake with local kids.
 Lake near Farum
 Bente Ebsen got her hair braided by kids
Nadia, Jo, Amy, Alan, Bente, on dock near Farum

Bente, Peter Koczoh, Ole Kierkegaard, (same family as Soren), Alan, Nadia, Lise, Jo and me.

Palace under reconstruction, Copenhagen

Wednesday, July 14, 1982

One day in Denmark


About to part forever from Veronica, a lovely girl from New Brunswick, New Jersey who I met and spent the day with in Copenhagen in the summer of 1982 - she fell asleep on my shoulder in the Tivoli Gardens - I loved how the Danes smiled when they saw her sleeping on me. She kissed me just after I snapped this and got on the train to Sweden.  I believe she was an Arts student - wearing a rag sweater and had a designer camera. Everything was designer in the 80s.
She was touring Europe and talked about
visiting Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris where she'd lived with some other young women. She said Jim Morrison's grave was covered with graffiti and condoms.

Morrison's grave, via Wikipedia.

I'm adding this this in 2023 because the host of a radio show kept referring to the cemetery as 'Pere Lachene' and I thought I was having a 'Berenstain Bears' moment, and this made me remember what she said.