Saturday, June 10, 1978

Bob Marley and the Wailers / Tower of Power


June 10, 1978 Montreal Forum - Tower of Power was a funk band, very different from Reggae but put on a great show - lead sax dancing in a tailored suit. The audience was split between non Rasta Jamaicans and other Caribbean people in suits and dresses (it was the 70s and people dressed to go out in the evenings) and dreadlocked Rastas.
Both bands were great but the Forum had a lot of exposed concrete and steel surfaces that echoed terribly.
The I-Threes were the three female singers that accompanied the band. They could stretch their rhythmic movements over many bars of music. 
Some of  the audience threw manuscripts onto the stage. When the Wailers broke into Exodus, banners unfurled with pictures of people who I guess were important to him. Maybe Marcus Garvey?