Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thanks MEC and Grundig!

I have no connection other than being a customer with either company.
I bought  a reconditioned Grundig Field Radio S450DLX from the source for much less than list - it worked OK, except it wouldn't get the upper part of the FM band - the source gave me the option of getting a refund, since they didn't have any more at that price, but it was sold with Grundig's warranty, so I emailed them, and sent them proof of purchase. Grundig sent me labels to courier it back for repairs - I got it back in about two weeks - either it was a new one or the old one fixed, can't tell, but I got a very nice radio for very little. 
I got a P-Tec Impulse LED Light from that arrived with flat batteries - I asked for a dollar refund since that's all it would cost to buy new batteries - they gave me a 5 dollar gift card and a nice personal message from Mountain Equipment Co-op!