Monday, September 18, 2000

Diary 2000

Sept 18 - Murder! Worked for the Star again. Didn't get published. New court room. Nice looking Mohawk youth up for variance of bail - he had a job working high steel in NYC and couldn't stay on the rez at Akwesasne.
Sept 24 - Found a little dog someone had abandoned by the roadside - I called him Lucky - I cried like a baby for hours when I had to give him away. Montreal, the synagogue near where I lived had been turned into a community centre and was now up for sale. 

Oct. 4 - Hmm, listened to someone in the next room at Chris' place in Stratford making the oddest noises, loud sucking and rustling of papers - I thought they were having some strange form of sex.... in the morining I found a pile of scribbled papers - they had done e and since one was deaf they had to write...... total gibberish....later I stepped on a box of nails rickett had thoughtfully left out......Trudeau's funeral - I remember going up to Trudeau at a Cite Libre dinner because Sibylle wanted to get him to autograph the back of her son's birth certificate... he turned it over and did a wonderful double take and signed it anyway.
Police shooting in Stittsville - man had tried to stabbed his wife.
December 29 - Went with Kurdish demonstrators to the Turkish embassy - someone had tossed a Molotov cocktail at a Kurdish demo there last year - lots of cops with some Mounties in riot gear forming a barrier in front of the embassy - there was one shaven headed plain clothesman (standing out in freezing weather) pointing out two young men in the crowd he wanted detained........ so the Kurds pretty much knew what was going to happen and wouldn't walk to the tour bus they'd hired that the cops had had brought round to a back street nearby, despite the urgings of the community relations officer - "You'll be much warmer!". They finally made the arrest on a main street with lots of scuffling and screaming from the crowd and that weird keening cry that middle eastern women make.... and then released the guys a few hours later....