Friday, September 30, 2011

Randi in Montreal, September 29, 2011

Randi spoke at the Centre St-Pierre in downtown Montreal - I think the centre still  belongs to the parish! Sign that you are in downtown Montreal: Audience members said "Tabernacle!" when he did the levitating matchbook trick.

Randi cannot be photographed. When wearing his Borsalino hat. 

He'd been making jokes about not appearing on photographs like a vampire during the post talk autograph/photo session. He'd also flirted with girls who wanted to get their pictures with him, even though he's been out of the closet for a while! 
I'd unintentionally set the camera to a slow exposure! I complemented him on his hat, which is the same brand as Pierre-Elliot Trudeau used to wear. He brightened up immediately at the mention of Trudeau's name. "A wonderful prime minister! Great man" he said.
With flash and the famous flying pig pin.

One version of the dowsing device that doesn't work at all. Randi said that similar devices have been used in Afghanistan to detect explosives, with fatal results.