Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Highlands Cinemas, Kinmount Ontario

Movie house just outside of very small town of Kinmount, Ontario! Started from one cinema Keith Stata built inside his house in 1979 and is now five cinemas with digital projectors and an amazing collection of memorabilia that is worth coming to see even if you don't like any of the movies on the marquee.
Highlands Cinemas website

Cat house that houses 30 strays - cats can go in and out of house

Nice horror section - a young lady refused to walk to the end of it when I was there!

Beep the family breakfast drink


  1. Nice collection of photos of Highlands Cinema Movie Museum in Kinmount Kawartha Lakes Ontario!
    Did you know they are now offering old movie posters for sale?
    Which movie poster would you want to own?

    1. Thanks for your question! I didn't see anything on sale, but it might be worthwhile to call and ask. I'd like this French poster for "Touch of Evil"

  2. I see he is selling some posters for 10 dollars (|July 13, 2014) -

  3. One of the last great old style movie theaters with so much memorabilia