Sunday, November 8, 2015

recipes for microdol, cibachrome developers

Some suggestions from Artcraft Chemicals customers, c. 1992

Substitute formula for Microdol-X
Water (125°F) 750 ml
Metol (Elon) 7.5 gms
Sodium Sulfite 100.0 gms
Sodium Metabisulfite 7.5 gm
Water to make 1 liter
Add a pinch of sodium sulfite before
adding the elon. This will prevent the
elon from oxidizing. Use the same time
and temperatures as Microdol-X.

* * * *  * * * *
Cibachrome Print Developer
Metol (elon)
Sodium Sulfite
Sodium Carbonate (Mono)
Potassium Bromide
Sodium Thiosulfate (anhy)
Water to make
1.5 gm
23.0 gm
6.0 gm
40 gm
1.8 gm
1000 ml
Note: Use 3 gm if pentahydrate form
Sodium Thiosulfate used.
This developer is meant for single shot
usage in a drum processor. 60-65 ml (2
oz is adequate for an 8 x 10 drum and
120-130 ml (4 oz) for the 11 x 14
cibachrome drum.
Use the above undiluted; quantities can
be doubled or even tripled to make 2
more concentrated stock solution which
must then be diluted before use. Shelf
life is about 5 weeks. Discard if the
developer becomes darkened over time.

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