Sunday, May 24, 2015

Photos 24 May 2015

First robin, early March
Gwen Jacob, topless rights activist, at trial in Guelph c.1991
Jack Huisman, of Milton, Ontario, who wanted Joyce Carol Oates' Foxfire removed from the Grade 12 reading list of the local board of education in 1995 - here he is 'erasing' objectionable phrases from the novel. (He had a large novelty pencil in his office and had the phrases pinned to the wall, so I suggested him using it as a prop)
Elie Wiesel, speaking at University of  Guelph, June 1997. Wiesel surprised us by relating that the University's president, Mordechai Rozanski, was born in a town in Poland just after the war at the same time that Jews returning to it from the camps were being attacked by their fellow citizens when they arrived back home.
Einar Örn Benediktsson, Sugarcubes, Toronto, 1992
 Looks like a classical painting! Assisted selfie - Sierra Maidlow stood on a chair behind me and took the photo over my shoulder, Elora, Ontario, late 90s
Curiosity of Horses in winter, mennonite country, late 90s

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