Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween, Church Street, Toronto, 2016

What a difference 17 years make. In the 90s Church Street Halloween was mostly gay men in drag. This year it was mostly Japanese  and some Chinese and Korean girls doing cosplay, so it was more like an anime convention. The costumes were a lot better in the 90s.

Dias de los muertos face paint
Pumpkins and cat girl on the steps
One of two Trumps

Magician with crystal ball
Peter Pan
Steampunk couple

Chinese guy appropriating own culture
Rasta banana

More classic tranny nun

Animal rights demonstration - nicely done, didn't interfere at all with the party - they formed a sort of gallery with video players down the middle of the street www.freefromharm.org

Great zombie

More Japanese girls
LED suit

They are really just plastic prosthetics but I censored out the nips anyway!
Cat lady
Mardi Gras
and Killer Bunny

Steam Punk girl
Pumpkin steps again

Shashin o.... Hai! (In Japanese "Can I take.." "Sure")

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