Monday, September 14, 2015

Volta Electric Van, 1990

I don't have any more info about this vehicle - I'd taken the photo but didn't do any follow-up. From research it would seem to be made under the brand Volta by  Marcel Rocaboy and Georges Kirchner of France. Links:

Specs from the site below:

Genre/Type : Utilitaire 2 places/Utility two seat
Année de fabrication/Year of Manufacture : 1988
Type de carrosserie/Carriage type : Fourgonnette/Van
Puissance nominale/Nominal power : 12  KW
Vitesse maximum/Maximum speed : 70 Km/h
Autonomie/Range : 50 à/to 70 Km
Energie consommée/Energy consumption : 15 KWh/100 Km

Used by Cornwall Electric, local power utility, with University of Ottawa
August 26, 2018 - I found my old notes - perhaps it was made in La Rochelle, France?

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