Monday, December 28, 2009

Stew Cameron

Stew Cameron - possibly the only victim of Socred inspired terrorism - was a cartoonist who published editorial cartoons that enraged the Social Credit premier of Alberta, "Bible Bill" Aberhart in the early 1940s.  In his book on Canadian cartoonists The Hecklers, (1979) Peter Desbarats reported that Stew's home "was once fire-bombed", but John Adcock has said he could not substantiate this. Cameron is best known for his cowboy cartoons.


  1. Dear, dear Mark I've been looking everywhere for Stew Cameron's work ( cowboy stuff ) mygranddad had book of the Calgary stampede that I poured over as a kid. No one else ever caught the true nature of it all. Gritty, Flirty and some how innocent. Please help find these true treasures. The chuck wagon race was my dads favorite cause he'd been in those wreaks. The life we used to live is gone, but hopefully Cameron's art can still be found. Thank you

    1. I got a message recently that might help: from a "Tim Denny"
      "...about cameron an rodeo art . The guy who posted was unknown I got what he wants an more if you could find him an tell him to call me at 920-672-9379"

  2. Thanks! I just got this on eBay - it was just a print, not signed or anything, but it looks nice in a frame!

  3. I have what you are looking for ! My email is or 920-672-9379 I got 10 prints or lithographs all different they are called let the chaps fall where they may from 1950 if you want to talk let's talk not penny's they are costly I have searched an can't find nothing so up to you let's talk

  4. Hello ! Do you have any info. On let the chaps fall where they may. Like how many came in set - are they prints or lithographs ! Like are they worth anything. Or do you know who to talk to on this matter.. I know you wanted pics l have no way to do that at this time .but if you know of them - I can give you the name of each one.they are in great shape. Been in envelope they where shipped in in 1950'

  5. Thanks,Tim, I've added your comments. I only have the one print and I don't know anything more.

  6. We have the set of ten prints of "Let the chaps fall where they may" all in very good shape, no bends. Original envelope worn on one edge but all together! if anyone is interested in it.