Friday, September 15, 2023

Peter Gabriel

View from the nosebleeds at the Bell Centre, Montreal

 I went to see him on Sept 13 at the Bell Centre. Honestly, I didn't like it and left early - the seat was way up in the nose bleeds and on the edge so I was looking down from way up and the sound, although better than the old Forum which had a lot of exposed steel beams that made a cacophony of echoes, was still not that good, and I realized watching it on TV would be a lot better. Gabriel just looked like he wasn't that into what he was doing. I walked back to where I was parked along Dorchester (I don't want to honour evil) passing skyscrapers with pretty young women going in at night, I guess working with offices in Asia. I thought back to 1985 and it just seemed the same. A beautiful blonde woman walking barefoot in the rain along Sherbrooke.

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