Wednesday, March 22, 2023

High risk takedown on 401 near Milton

Milton, Ontario, late 1990s - Suspect is kneeling with hands behind head - officer crouching is about to cuff him. There is another OPP officer with gun drawn and shielded by the driver side door.

It's actually a funny story... some people were on their way to a costume party and were dressed as robbers and had toy guns and someone in another car saw them and called the police. I was driving back from the Toronto Star when I saw in the other lane, in this order, a man standing with his hands raised in the middle of the 401 with a very odd expression of terror, embarrassment and amusement on his face, then behind him the front sight of a Sig Sauer automatic, the back sight, and then behind that the blue grey eye of an OPP officer, all lined up on the back of the young man's skull. The officer looked sad and serious. And behind them the traffic of the busiest highway in Canada standing still. So I did a few rather risky things and got over to that side to take pictures. They were released without charges, and since no one was hurt or charged the photos never made it into the paper.

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