Saturday, January 21, 2023

MRI time

MRI machine, Photo: Province of British Columbia

 Just had an MRI. Just checking my liver. More unpleasant than I thought. You have to lie still for half an hour in a small chamber in a big machine that makes  loud noises. One technician asked me when they were taking me out if I could stay in for 5 more minutes... very funny...I was wondering why the questions about whether I was claustrophobic...

It reminded me of how someone told me it was on a German U-Boat during the war when they were being depth charged by the Royal Navy and had to go deep down to where the boat starts to get crushed by the weight of the water.

They gave me headphones but because they had to be non-magnetic the speakers were outside of the chamber and the sound came in through tubes. No music, just an English accented voice telling me to breath in, out and hold.

One MRI tech had what I thought was a Jamaican accent. He says he gets that a lot, but he was from Nigeria. "Are you Igbo?" "Yes!" and he told me how to say hello in Igbo, "Kedụ", with a dot subscript on the u. (It's also a tonal language, so the musical pitch matters too!)

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