Saturday, June 18, 2022

First birthday without her

At an iHop near her motel, Bloomington, MN, March 29, 2022 - Krystal Watanabe

I guess this is what death is. Empty seats where there was someone you cared for, and they are nowhere now, but your heart still reaches out for them. It's been a terribly sad two months. Krystal Watanabe would have turned 40 either today or tomorrow. My dear friend.  Now I know your where, when and how.

 Think you can guess my biggest fear? Facebook video, June 7, 2019

She made lots of these videos on her Facebook - many are quite funny! This one isn't.

Krystal said to me mourning that guy "I guess it’s just the loneliness...It just strikes me that it’s truly never. Never again. . . It’s too fucking tough sometimes. I hate it. I know everyone dies and this happens to everyone. I just feel robbed. That I finally found my human being. The one person I just understood fully and understood me. And he had to he taken away in the most painful slow way imaginable. He hurt. A lot. And I have a similar fate coming."

Krystal's photograph of her own shadow on the pavement, somewhere near the Telegraph Motel, Detroit, 2021

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