Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Mister Hockey Moment

I was in the Desert Rose Cafe in Elora when it was still on Mill Street around 1997. I'd gone to the men's room which was in a section that was closed with the lights off. Someone was in it, so I just waited and tried to make a little noise to let whoever was inside know that someone was there so they wouldn't be startled when they opened the door.
The door opened and out came a guy in his late sixties, but ramrod straight and strong looking. Quick glance at me that said "Hey, I can still take you!" and he looked like he could.
I thought, "I know that guy...wait... it's Gordie Howe!"
He was at a table with his wife Colleen. I think they were staying at the Mill Inn next door.
They looked like they were just trying to get away by themselves for a bit. I didn't say anything to them.

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