Thursday, October 1, 2015

Musee de l'horlogerie et science diorama, Manseau, Quebec 1990

A clock making and science museum in the front rooms of a house in a town of about 900, I never visited it, but took notice of it. Can't find anything online about it and not there anymore. Update December 6, 2020 - found some info - the museum was founded by Jean-Marie St-Pierre, a few years after his retirement in 1985, in his old shop, which featured watches, clocks, scientific instruments and a butterfly collection by Johnathan Sylvestre. It closed temporarily in 1992 and was supposed to reopen in a ecological park in Manseau -

There is a clock and watch repair and manufacturing school, the only one in Canada, not far away in Trois-Rivières
 -  Ecole nationale de l'horlogerie

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