Sunday, January 11, 2015

Photo dump, Jan 11, 2015

These are some photos from an older homepage
 Arthur Ashe, November 9, 1992, before speaking at SUNY Potsdam. He was asked by someone in the audience if having AIDS was the worse thing that had happened to him. He said no, that experiencing racism was worse. He shook hands with all the reporters. It was the first time I'd shaken hands with someone with AIDS. I did think that just a thickness of skin separated me from the virus.
Bats, Temple of Bats, Penang, Malaysia - The bats fly out at night. According to a drawing in the bat cave, originally there was a crane, a bird that symbolizes immortality in Chinese culture, at the location of the temple, but it flew away and was replaced by bats. The word for bat, at least in south Chinese dialects, sounds similar to the word for good luck and decorations of bats can be found fans. — at Bat's Cave Temple 蝙蝠洞大伯公.
 From 1999: Sleeman's Cream Ale with lemon at St. George's Square, Guelph. Signs it's 1999: headline about end of the world in eye magazine, signs it's anytime: headline "Talentless SNL Crew Make Another Crap Movie"
 Cooper's Marsh, near Lancaster, Ontario
Bjork, 1992, Toronto. Eyes are just red from the flash! I thought it made a nice contrast/compliment to her lipstick and green eyes.
 Can on cedar tree, Guelph, late 90s
 Monks chanting, 1998, Kek Lok Seh Temple

 Fall Colours, University of Guelph, 1999
 Queen's Park, 1998
 Fortune telling nun, Penang, 1998
 Kek Lok Seh Temple

Double Rainbow, corner Dundas Spadina, Toronto c. 1998. I remember two girls dancing in the rain when they saw this. Another view: 

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