Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rachel Davis

Looking through old files I found a photo of Rachel Davis, a girl I knew who'd been shot to death in Vancouver after she'd gone to the aid of someone she didn't know who was being beaten outside a club in Gastown. She'd shielded the victim from the blows, but unfortunately that someone was a drug dealer who'd just called his buddy to get a Glock and then began firing it into the crowd, killing her and Richard Hui, and injuring four others.Vancouver Province Story
She was like that! I saw her being protective of girls who'd gotten too drunk at parties....

I interviewed her dad for the Star - first time I've ever covered anything serious where I knew the victim personally.

If you are trying to break up a fight, don't get BETWEEN anybody, even if they are smaller than you - they can attack you without warning  -  you should stand away at a safe distance and phone police.

Her family set up an award to commemorate her at
with Sam Dinicol

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