Monday, February 16, 2009

It's about time somebody did that!

(image via Happy Famous Artists)
Hirst did the jewel encrusted skull called "For the Love of God" which it was claimed sold for 50 million pounds to undisclosed buyers (I'm doubtful - I haven't seen any proof that much was paid, and you'd need a forklift to deliver that much in cash) - this sculpture by Eugenio Merino sold for a more reasonable $41,290, and as Hirst threatened to sue a 16 year old, who was ordered to fork over his 200 pound profit by a British copyright group, for selling some derivative artwork, I couldn't think of a nicer guy for the subject of satire.
Here's Merino's Website.
I've just joined his fanclub!
Update September 5 - and the kid has been charged for stealing a box of pencils from Hirst, who claimed that since the pencils were part of a display they were worth half a million pounds.
A desktop sized version of this sculpture would make a swell action figure....Morally Bankrupt Man?

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