Thursday, February 11, 2021

Photos of Oldenburg Airport, Germany, 1948

 My father was in the  Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers ( R.E.M.E.s) after World War II - Oldenburg Airport near Bremen in Lower Saxony, Germany, was used by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as a repair depot - my father Raymond Bellis took these photos when he was part of the R.E.M.E.. - according to the airport's history , the R.E.M.E.'s took it over from 8 Canadian soldiers who had captured the former Luftwaffe base after it had been abandoned by the Germans in May 1945 and turned it into a vehicle repair centre.

He must have liked this German Shepherd they named Lassie who I imagine remained on duty after his humans had retreated.

caption on back reads "Lassie" 

                              Oldenburg AirPort

                              R.E.M.E Cookhouse (?)

                              10 July, 1948


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