Thursday, November 8, 2018

Trans Canada Air Lines sticker

Trans-Canada Air Lines TCA Maple Leaf logo sticker on suitcase. TCA was the name Air Canada used before 1965 - Air Canada was supposed to have been used in French before this. This was from a suitcase and is not a recreation - the woman said she'd had it for years.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stromberg Carlson Radio

Shortwave/AM Radio dial from the 1940s, speaking of a troubled time - Shortwave stations for the Axis and Allied powers - Chungking was the wartime capital of China. There were also commercial shortwave stations, even in Schenectady, NY. The buttons at the bottom shows that it could have a record player attached to it, unusual for that time. The preset radio stations suggest it was originally setup for a listener in the Detroit-Windsor area - CKLW is a 50,000 watt 'clear channel' radio station that could be heard over a large part of North America at night, and was famous for promoting Motown songs in the 60s. CKLW's original studio is on display at the Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village, in Kingsville, Ontario, not far from Windsor.

 Back showing cabinet makers label
Tuner on top shelf
 Amplifier next to speaker

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween - Pumpkins lined the bridge in Martintown, Ontario
 Outside Martintown Mill
 Artwork inside

 Living statue

Pumpkins on bridge

House by bridge

leave it to religion... screw up a good holiday - I went to a Wiccan shop for a 'Samhain'... they were actually wearing black robes and pointed witches hats as they started thanking gods that weren't part of celtic mythology for the weather....they didn't have any candy.

Nightmare on James Street, Halloween House

House decorated by professional DJ Stacy, Melissa and Eathan McPhail

 Heavy rains required blue tarps over some displays

Computer controls projection of talking faces on pumpkins

Monday, October 29, 2018

No, those aren't white northern lights in Finland

(image via flickr user roman.noven)

Because Aurora are produced by gases emitting photons at specific wavelengths, they can't be white - most of the time they are the green and red emitted by oxygen, as in this photo I took in Guelph, Ontario:

 If they do appear white, it's likely a different phenomenon, or them being too faint for the eye to determine the color, or an effect caused by the colors blending together. White light is a mixture of colors that can separated into a spectrum or rainbow by means of a prism. 
The first photo a long exposure of people waving florescent tubes under electric lines - this causes the tubes to brighten. One very obvious thing about the first photo is that the light is below the electricity lines, which they block out in some places - if they were aurora, they would be blocked out by the lines, like the aurora are by the trees in my photo.
roman.noven did a series of these photos in 2010, including the one that's been circulating as the White Northern Lights in Finland, which can be seen here:
Note that in one photo, a group of eight people holding tubes can be seen posing under the power lines.
roman.noven 's flickr bio describes them as Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, from Ukraine. They are well established professional photographers with a website here:

Monday, October 22, 2018

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Friday, October 12, 2018

Fall Colours 2018

Great Big Pumpkin

The closed for the season Rideau Canal at Carleton University, Ottawa
Carleton sign

Wind in Aspens, beach in Prescott

Trinity Church, Cornwall, Ontario
Giant puffball, looked a little too old to eat, but they are very tasty. They can be sliced and deep fried and frozen to keep the leftovers.
Gray's Creek
Spot the cat. Rusty in leaves.
Sun Dog

Dottie, Passionflower

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Timid Mink

A little black mink didn't know I was sitting on the walkway that go over the marsh and when I stood up it rolled over and played dead. It started rolling back and forth and just slowly walked away, looking back.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

No, Japan did not have a Christmas display of crucified Santas in a department store.

During the years of the bubble economy in the 80s and 90s , when the Japanese economy was booming, a legend sprang up that some time after the war, in the 50s or just a few years ago a department store in Japan innocently put up Santa Claus on crosses, thinking that was appropriate for the season.
There are not a lot of Christians in Japan, but everybody there knows that crucifixion is a way of killing someone, not of honouring them - Christians were crucified in Japan in the 16th Century after the religion was outlawed, and POWs were crucified by the Japanese during WWII.
There aren't any news articles that support the crucified Santa claim, but one image I keep seeing is this one by Japanese photographer Yoshio Itagaki of an apparent department store window display of a crucified Santa - - it's really part of a series he is doing on urban legends

Snopes - Did a Japanese department store once display Santa Claus nailed to a cross?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

9/11 memories

I'd first heard the news on the radio and turned on the USB TV tuner connected to an antenna. Analog TV stations in the States were easy to get. Saw the buildings on fire in New York and Washington. I later learned that one of the victims had gone to my church Sunday school, but I didn't remember him. He worked for a bank and it was his first time in New York. He'd been in the second World Trade Building tower, had texted his wife to say he was all right, then the second plane hit.
The thing I remember the most was the silent skies when all air traffic was banned. I went out and lay on a sofa looking up into the sky at night and did not see a single plane - there is usually at least one flight or at least a contrail going across at any time.
The US radio station I was listening to went all news 24 hours - it was a few days before it got back to running missing dog notices.
I stopped driving to upstate New York very often - I used to go every week at least to get tax free gas on the reserve. Before 9/11 you barely had to stop at either the US or Canadian customs booth, but afterwards it could take half an hour or more to get across. Once there was someone in a military uniform with an M-16 at the US post standing behind the customs guy.
I also thought of the poem in Welsh by someone who was an officer in the UK army who entered Berlin in ruins at the end of WWII,  some of whom had been raped by the advancing Soviet forces. The poem ended with "All of our doomed cities are in the proud eagle's eye."

Monday, September 10, 2018

Souvenir from the powwow

I got a little plaque from the powwow. From Walking Eagle Crafts, Akwesasne - a plaque with Shekon on it -  Sekon or Shekon means Hello in Mohawk. The oldest radio station in Akwesasne uses the call letters CKON, which can be said the same way, although I've heard French speakers saying it like "C'est con" ("It's stupid") as a joke.

More roses

Formed a natural arrangement