Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bye Bye Bob Mugabe

I remember in 1980 hearing a man in Canada holding up a newspaper with news of Mugabe's election and saying to his friend "That's good news - my dad says Bob Mugabe's  the best politician in Africa today!". And he was saying it with an Afrikaans accent!  Like  Aung San Suu Kyi you can't tell what an opposition leader will be like if they haven't held any office before.

Frankenly shocked!

"Pee-wee Herman: There but for the grace of God go I." Al Franken as Stuart Smalley, Ironic quote of the day.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mae West Sex

 I knew an elderly man who said he did wardrobe for Mae West's Broadway play "SEX", which she was arrested for in 1927 - he said they didn't show anybody having sex, but in one scene where it was implied that they were, the two actors just left the stage empty for a few minutes and let the audience imagine it.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Yellow Rose Macro

Fall Colours 2017

Rainbow, Marina 200, Cornwall

 Glengarry Campground
Algoma Harvester in St. Lawrence, Adirondacks in background
Mushrooms, trail, Charlottenburg Park