Monday, June 26, 2017

Amitabha Buddha by 401

9 metre tall statue of the Amitabha Buddha, bronze and steel, weight 12 tonne.  Association Bouddhique Thuyen-ton. 19558 Airport Rd. Summerstown, ON, erected in 2016. This is not the same Buddha who was called Siddhārtha Gautama, who was born in what is now Nepal around 400 B.C.. The Amitabha Buddha is thought to have existed in another world, and is prayed to by many followers of the Pure Land   ( 淨土)  form of Buddhism. Calling his name is supposed to allow you to be reborn in his heaven. Can be seen on the south side of the 401 between exits 814 and 804.

I think the mudra (hand gesture) means 'healing'.

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